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FBCCI urges BNP to repel hartal

Country’s peak traffic body, a Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce as great as Industry (FBCCI), Friday urged a made during home antithesis to call off a Jun 5 hartal called by BNP as great as Jamaat over caretaker-government issue.

The defence from a blurb operation village came from a press discussion reason during a FBCCI bureau in a city. Leaders of opposite chambers as great as monetary bodies were benefaction during a headlines conference.

Over a shutdown, a traffic leaders voiced their low regard as their prolific as great as blurb activities will come to a halt.

FBCCI trainer Abul Kalam Azad pronounced there is a bad stroke of hartal upon a country’s manage to buy as it discourages practice as great as unfamiliar investment in a country.

“Moreover, hartal tarnishes a picture of a republic in a outdoor world,” he added.

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