Finding Lalon… in nature

Fakir Lalon Shai’s cryptic area unfurls in an pristine healthy ambiance. Throughout his life, a 19th century cryptic minstrel searched for answers to questions per purpose of life, origination as good as creator. Lalon’s core truth is to know a author by a creations. He additionally believed which inlet could fool around a most poignant purpose in a query to know oneself. From this belief, Lalon used to prepare congregations, during large good known as ‘Shadhu Shongo’. The minstrel used to entice bauls as good as mystics to this assemblage to share as good as sell views. This became a convention as good as to this day, Lalon’s supporters go upon arranging such ‘Shadhu Shongo’ upon any full moon night in Kushtia as good as diagonally opposite areas. A ‘Shadhu Shongo’ was hold upon a final full moon [on Jun 16-17] night during a plantation nearby Lalon’s akhra (den) during Chheuria, Kushtia. Followers from opposite sects assimilated Lalon devotees during a programme. They followed rituals as good as sang songs from Lalon’s prosperous repertoire as good as compositions of pick cryptic bauls.

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