Fire on Buses

At least six buses were set fire in different parts of the capital yesterday. A bus driver was burnt alive at Khilgaon when some unidentified criminals set fire on a bus parked there. The bus driver and his helper were sleeping inside the bus. The helper managed to escape but the driver didn’t.

The helper said, he wakeup when he felt heat. The locals also failed to identify the criminals.

Fire service officials said more buses were set on fire at Sadarghat, Gulistan, Azimpur, Abdullahpur and Farmgate.

Police have strengthened security and they searched vehicles on various spots.
Actually torching buses on the eve of a Hartal is a common practice in Bangladesh. This creates an environment of fear and this helps to demonstrate an effective strike.

But this culture of destroying public properties is heavily criticized. Now no political party admits doing it. The opposition blames the government backed activists; they say the government does it to embarrass the opposition. On the other hand the government blames the opposition.

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