Former MLA escapes trial: Dam demolition saves paddy fields

Former MLA escapes trial: Dam demolition saves paddy fields

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But why will a case not be registered against the former MLA? Influential people used their power and conducted business by building dams in the forest. Many times the government files cases against opposition leaders and workers in the name of obstructing government duty and here even the former MLA is stopped from taking legal action. So, why won't he face trial?

The forest department said that around 500,000 trees of various species including Gamri, Segun, Chikashi and Arjun died due to this artificial lake. The submerged area was also a route for the movement of elephants and a habitat for various species of animals.

After the water receded, a scene of devastation emerged. Now the environment of the forest will have to be improved and this work will have to be done by the Forest Department. But the good news is that a herd of wild elephants has been seen several days after the dam was removed. If the forest can be reclaimed, the area will turn into a sanctuary and habitat for elephants and other animals.

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