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Four year old child thrown into river to death, because it recognized one of the kidnappers

A four year and five month old boy was kidnapped form his home and killed in the next day.

But his mother was ready to pay ransom. The boy Jihad recognized one of them and they feared

that they will be in problem future.
Jihad was abducted form his house at Dharmaganj in Narayanganj Sunday. The kidnappers

demanded tk 3 lakh. Jihad’s mother went to Chashara Shahid Minar premises with ransom on

Monday. But no one was there. She informed the matter to Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). In

the mean time the kidnappers contacted over telephone again, after some bargaining they

agreed at tk 1 lakh. She went to Chashara Shahid Minar premises again paid the money. RAB

personnel were hiding in disguise there they followed them and captured three of them. A RAB

personnel were injured in the process. RAB arrested three others based on the statement of

them. All six of them are resident of Dhaarmaganj. They are Wasim 26, Sadek 23, Salam 19,

Shakil 25, Swapan 30, and Lucky Akter 19.
Wasim was the perpetrator of the incident. His 1st wife’s son Obaidul and Jihad were friend

because they were neighbor. The boy Jihad recognized Wasim and asked, ‘aren’t you Obaidul’s

father?’ This triggered Wasim to kill Jihad. The boy was in unconscious state when he was

thrown to river near Kanchpur Bridge.
Civil defense and RAB was searching for the body yesterday but failed.

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