Gaga’s 100-year plan

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Lady Gaga says she is not calm with subduing a song charts alone yet wants to leave during a back of a legacy.

‘It’s my greatest dream. I’m not unequivocally endangered with either I’m applicable in a year 2011. It’s most some-more critical for me to be applicable 100 years from now. you wish to leave a large bequest behind,’ quoted her as saying.

The 25-year-old thespian is hugely desirous yet is a unequivocally in isolation person, she revealed.

‘On a sum when you have giveaway time you don’t lend towards to do a lot with alternative people. you similar to to be alone. That’s critical for me as well as it gives me a great shift with a rest of my life. In my contention you am henceforth surrounded by so most people. That’s because you suffer being alone so much,’ she said.

‘I get frightened infrequently which you will remove myself, which all could turn as well much. Luckily there have been a lot of people who take great caring of me,’ a Poker Face hitmaker added.

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