Gas import deals amid dollar crisis: impact on energy security and economic stability

Gas import deals amid dollar crisis: impact on energy security and economic stability

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Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (GTCL) has two parallel pipelines to bring LNG from Maheshkhali. It comes up to Anwara in Chattogram. Of these, a maximum of 500 million cft can be moved through a 30-inch pipeline and 1.2 billion cft can be moved through a 42-inch pipeline.

However, after Anwara station, the pipeline is narrow. From there a maximum of 1.1 billion sft can be supplied to the national grid through two pipelines, 36 inches and 24 inches respectively. This means that even though there is capacity to supply 1.7 billion cft from Maheshkhali, it will not be possible to supply more than 1.1 billion cft to the national grid.

According to Petrobangla, demand for gas will increase in Chattogram. Initiative has been taken to lay a new pipeline to transport the remaining gas to other districts.

GTCL sources say they plan to build a third parallel pipeline from Maheshkhali to Bakharabad in Cumilla. For this, contractors are being appointed to conduct feasibility study. After this, land will be acquired and funds will be required. Although the project may be finalized this year, it will take at least several years to complete the project.

Petrobangla sources say Accelerate Energy will construct the Pera-Barishal-Khulna-Gopalganj pipeline keeping in mind the timing of the establishment of the terminal. And GTCL plans to bring a 52-inch pipeline connecting from Matarbari to Dhaka within 2031.

Geologist Badrul Imam told Prothom Alo that import dependence should be reduced and emphasis should be placed on local gas exploration and extraction. After all, there is dollar uncertainty to consider.

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