Gender discrimination in Bollywood

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Katrina-KaifKatrina Kaif is the latest Bollywood actress who is criticizing gender discrimination in Bollywood film industry. She says actresses are doing many important roles on Bollywood film. Even there are some films where a woman character is the main character of the film.

But actors are getting remuneration more than three times higher than actresses. Not only that, actors are mainly praised for a successful film not actresses.

Katrina started her career back in 2003 and she says Bollywood has developed much during last ten years but gender discrimination remains. She hopes new generation will fight against this discrimination.

Though Katrina doesn’t get remuneration like her male counterpart but she is an honest tax payer and she paid four and half crore rupee as advance income tax which is highest among Bollywood actress.

Another Bollywood actress Kangana also expressed her dismay on gender discrimination recently.

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