Germans go back to basics to get back on track at World Cup

Germans go back to basics to get back on track at World Cup

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Right tool for the job.

Never mind that the 29-year-old Niklas Feulkrug had made his Germany debut earlier this month in a friendly against Oman. With seven minutes left on the clock he smashed home a loose ball to revive the Germans and give them a point they thoroughly deserved.

old fashioned center forward

Who knew? If you want goals, turn to the old-fashioned center. It served in all four of Germany’s World Cup titles.

Flick told reporters, “He showed his determination to score. He gives a lot to the team… not just the goal. His heart is in the right place.”

Fully revitalized by the introduction of the Fülkrug, Germany saw a different side.

An eight-year truce following the retirement of all-time World Cup scorer Miroslav Klose was quickly forgotten as Feulkrug led the line in the fashion of German World Cup greats Ottmar Walter, Gerd Müller, Juergen Klinsmann and Klose.

It was a stretch to give 33-year-old Thomas Müller the option of counter-attacking, which ultimately gave Spain plenty of rest and time in defence. But it was another matter entirely with the fuelcrug raging around the Spaniards’ back line.

From the 70th minute when he was thrown into battle, Germany just looked more German. He got more hold on the game. Instead of being a bully, become the boss. The last 20 minutes were traditional German performances like Bratwurst and Beer.

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