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Girls, be careful! Teenage girls accused of watching pornography beaten severely

In men dominated conservative world men try to control women in the name of religion. But men will not control themselves. They will do what ever they like. Another example of it is found in Sri Lanka. Two teenage girls were beaten by a group of men after the girls came out from a cyber cafe in mostly Muslim town of Kattankudi, near Batticaloa..  The men accused them of watching pornography. The charge the girls denied.
The men took the girls to local house beaten severely and then took them to local Islamic office. As they were the guardians of those girls. In that office an announcement were made in loud speaker that, the girls were caught doing wrong things. Hearing the announcement local people denounced the girls.
When the situation was going out of control local police intervened.
One of the girls father Mohammad Yusuf Abdul Razak gave angry reaction on assaulting his daughter.
Police found no evidence in that internet café that the girls watched pornography there.
Local women are now coming under growing pressure from conservatives. To cover their face in public is one of the examples. Though local language is Tamil but local authorities have put street signs in Arabic with other languages.
Police are now trying to identify and capture the culprits.

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