Government opt for resolving power crisis: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said her government is working to resolve electricity crisis as soon as possible.


She said that her government has already added 1150 MW of electricity to the national grid .She disclosed the matter while inaugurating the country’s first national e-infokose at her office.


She Blamed past BNP and caretaker governments for power crisis. The premier said they did not take any steps to generate power to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the people.


“When we handed over power in 2001, the production was 4300 MW,” Hasina said, adding that the production came down to 3100 MW when her government assumed power in 2009.


She said the production decreased significantly during the last seven years amid growing demand of power.


Hasina said the E-information Cell would play a significant role in empowering the rural people as well as socio-economic development as it will make access to information much easier than ever before.


General people would get information on various issues like education, agriculture, health, law, human rights and citizen service from about 4,501 information service centres across the country through the repository, she said

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