Greetings On New Year

The president, Zillur Rahman, as well as a budding minister, Sheikh Hasina, greeted a countrymen upon a arise of New Year 2011.

In a message, a boss pronounced a significance of English New Year was necessary as a operate of English monthly calendar in a every day as well as inhabitant hold up was inseparable.

In an additional messages, a budding apportion pronounced a final year would sojourn ever resplendent in a inhabitant hold up per socio-economic development, investiture of order of law, feat of growth in ICT zone as well as impulse of republic to a suggestion of good ransom war.

Both a boss as well as budding apportion hoped which a New Year would move welfare, happiness, swell as well as assent for all of us.

The BNP chairperson as well as former budding minister, Khaleda Zia, additionally greeted all observant which a New Year would move happiness, assent as well as swell for all.

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