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High court judge’s behavior delays Biman flight

Judges of both high court division and appellate division enjoys special privilege on state owned transports like Bangladesh Railway and Biman Bangladesh airlines.

About five or six years ago a chaotic situation was created in Sylhet rail station when a high court judge was furious over his arrangement on train. Supreme Court judges enjoys 1st class facility on train, but at that time the rail authority was unable to provide that. At that time the judge also ordered to arrest the station master of Sylhet Railway Station.

Yesterday a similar incident occurred on Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport. A high court judge sat in the business class though he had an economy class ticket.  Biman officials requested him to sit in economy class. The judge refused to do that.

This started altercation which delayed the flight for about half an hour. Later the Biman officials managed a business class seat for him.  Biman officials allege that the same judge created similar problem earlier.

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  1. this kind of judge are real corrupt people in

    Bangladesh. he had an economy class ticket so

    he should have obey the law by traveling that

    class . it is the morality that Bangladesh has


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