RUET: Appoint VC immediately to end academic impasse

High Court’s decision on RPO should be upheld

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In fact, some bureaucrats, along with field-level officers, misused their influence in their constituencies while in service. A former government official, after resigning from the post of Principal Secretary, contested the elections a few months later and became a Member of Parliament as well as a Minister. The very next day after his retirement, another civil servant took oath as a minister. These events created a stir both in public administration and the political sphere.

Regarding the High Court’s decision, Deputy Attorney General Amit Dasgupta said that “The High Court is of the view that former government officials are not ordinary citizens and that they can continue to exercise influence over their offices even after retirement.” There are countless examples where government officials use administration as a tool to build their political future.

That is why when a provision of three years was added to the RPO, both the ruling party and the opposition leadership accepted it. The court was absolutely right in saying that civil servants are not common citizens. Even after retirement, he has influence in the administration.

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