Hindi advertisement in Bangladesh

It was little after the separation of India in 1947, when two sovereign states India and Pakistan were born. Pakistan was divided in state language issue. After some bloodshed the authority was compelled to recognize Bengali as a state language of Pakistan with Urdu. Bangladeshis have immense emotion on Bengali. The attempt to use Urdu was failed here.

But now it seems not Urdu, Hindi is fighting against Bengali. Nitol group is using Hindi advertisement in Indian show at Dhaka.  Nitol group is agent for TATA group in Bangladesh; they are marketing TATA cars in Bangladesh since 1991.

Many visitors of the Indian trade show in Dhaka have expressed their anger as they are forced to see Hindi advertisements which are displayed on giant screen with high volume.

Nitol group officials say they didn’t have enough time to make Bengali advertisement. English is an international language. The question is, what the problem with English advertisement was?

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