How long will students learn the wrong lesson?

How long will students learn the wrong lesson?

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The fact that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman resigned from the presidency and assumed the duties of Prime Minister under the ‘Provisional Constitution of Bangladesh Order’. The new President Abu Saeed Chowdhury administered the oath. It is written in the book that Justice Mohammad Saim administered the oath.

On page 181 of the same book, it is written, “From March 26 to December 16, the Pakistani army was involved in atrocities, genocide and destruction throughout Bangladesh.” In fact, the Pakistani army massacred innocent Bengalis on the night of 25 March.

While the government observes Genocide Day on 25 March, it should be considered an unforgivable mistake to say that the genocide began on 26 March. There are errors and misinformation not only in history books but in other textbooks as well, which need to be corrected immediately.

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