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How to increase love? Make a relationship strong

Nobody can search any way by denying love. In present time, love comes very easily and also goes away very easily too. To protect your love strongly, you have to have strong belief, respect and feelings. You may follow the following tips to make a love more effective.

  1. You have to indicate the mistakes of your lover. Side by side, do not forget to praise your lover.
  2. Whatever mistake you do, never try to hide that from your lover. Because, if your lover knows that from any third person, it would be more complex situation for both of you.
  3. Whatever chaos created between you, never share it with 3rd person. Try to solve it by yourselves. Because, if you share it with any 3rd person the problem will be increased.
  4. Whatever between you and your lover occurred, never think about breaking the relationship. Because, it is very easy to break up but it is very difficult to create a good relationship.
  5. In decision taking time, do not try to dominate on one another. Always think as a unit. Do not think you and I.
  6. Always try to make your lover understand that how much important he or she is to you.
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