Husband killed his wife by stabbing at Pabna

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A housewife named Brishti Khatun murdered by his husband’s stabbing at Pabna Sadar upozilla. The occurrence happened at Khudro Matiara village of Maligacha Union on last Saturday. Brishti Khatun was 18 years old. She is the daughter of Jalal Biswas of the same location.
In-Charge of Pabna Sadar Thana Obaydul Haque informs through the villagers, late Brishti Khatun got married to inhabitants of Noynamoti Pabna Momin Hossen (22) 3 years ago. Momin Hossen is the son of Alay Biswas. Husband Momin Hossen has been torturing on wife Brishti Khatun’s since marriage. At last Brishti Khatun can’t tolerate torture at all and come back to her father home one year ago. Momen Hossen several times influences to take back Brishti Khatun and the villagers also gathering to solve the issue once but they are the failure. For this Momin Hossen becomes angry on his wife.
In-Charge also says, to this sequence last Saturday Momin Hossen back to father in law’s house with some friends via a white colored private car and then Brishti was alone at her home. Momin Hossen takes this opportunity and escapes from there after stabbing to Brishti Khatun.
The neighbors heard of shout and come to Brishti Khatun rapidly. They saw Brishti injured, after that at first the villagers bring him to Pabna General Hospital. But the doctor suggested takes him to Dhaka after observing her physical condition becomes worse. Then injured Brishti was going to Dhaka in an Ambulance but unluckily she died in the ambulance on way at half past 3 o clock. Police will take action against husband Momin Hossen after reaching the dead body.

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