I do not support Jamaat's politics: Fakhrul

I do not support Jamaat's politics: Fakhrul

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The BNP general secretary criticised the government for corruption. “You can see news of looting everywhere in the newspapers. They usurp the money looted from the country…People who are in high positions are involved in this loot. Members of parliament are involved in smuggling. Big people are looting the capital market. People wearing the mask of darbesh (saint) are involved in these crimes. There is no accountability, no thinking. Their only goal is to cling on to power.”

Fakhrul said that the per capita foreign debt has reached 155,000 taka. Some loans are being taken on such terms that no sensible patriotic person can take.

The BNP general secretary said if one wants to stand above all these hurdles, one should study BNP founder Ziaur Rahman. To truly understand Ziaur Rahman, one must delve deep into his life.

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