I have become a national father: Tariq Anam Khan

I have become a national father: Tariq Anam Khan

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“Shakib Khan’s films are usually full of him. He is the person with the most influence in his film. From that perspective, my role in this film may have 15 minutes of screen time, but the depth of the character is so connected to the story that it feels like I am in the entire film. Our few days of shooting were very good.

Talking more about ‘Rajakkumar’, Tariq Anam Khan said, “I felt the film had commercial value as well as a modernist approach. There are some wonderful messages and some good dialogues at the end too. And, there are some amazing issues that are impactful.”

Tariq Anam Khan has been acting in Dhallywood films for a long time. He made his debut in the industry with Syed Hasan Imam’s film ‘Lal Shobujer Pala’. Later, she acted in several films including ‘Guddi’, ‘Suruj Miyan’, ‘Amar Ghor Amar Behest’, ‘Ghetuputro Komala’, ‘Mridha Bonam Mridha’ and ‘Abar Boshonto’.

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