'If this government does not come to power, SP's jobs will be lost, DC's will be transferred'

‘If this government does not come to power, SP’s jobs will be lost, DC’s will be transferred’

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Pointing to Mayor Ivy’s allegations, Iftikhar Alam said, “She (Ivy) repeatedly says that the police do not cooperate with them. Why would they cooperate with them, she said something in Narayanganj city for Sheikh Hasina. It has not been clarified also. How will it be done?” He? If he had good relations with 35 councilors, we would not have done politics with Shamim Usman, we would have done politics with him. As I said through this video, if Shamim Usman hears this, he will throw me out.

Attracting Mayor Ivi’s attention, Iftikhar Alam said, “Today Shamim Usman is calling for a big rally. He threatened BNP and said that he will attend a rally with a large number of people if BNP comes to power. comes in, they’ll throw them out.” , They (BNP) will not throw him (Ivy) out.”

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