Immoral syndicate in Bangladeshi showbiz industry by established actors and actresses

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Like food items and raw materials, syndicate type manipulation is also going on in the Bangladeshi showbiz arena. Actress Faria Shahrin has alleged that an immoral syndicate is going on in the Bangladeshi showbiz industry. Established actors and actresses do not work with other performers. They always work with the same three to four performers. They even force directors to accept that. Faria has alleged, not a single actors are interested to work with her. Even if the director picks her, an established popular actor will refuse to work with her.

They are running a syndicate and blocking the entrance of new performers. Showbiz commentators have long been asking for new faces in TV dramas. Only a few faces are running the TV drama sector of Bangladesh.
Last year another popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury had raised the issue of the immoral syndicate by established performers.

Farin has decided to work with completely newcomers so that the audience get new face and talented young performers get the opportunity to work in the showbiz arena. In a Facebook post, Farin has commented that the syndicate in the showbiz arena is an open secret.

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