In Sufia Kamal’s Larger than Life Shadow

On a arise of a bieing innate centenary of conspicuous producer as great as amicable reformer Sufia Kamal, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts has organized a five-day informative legal holiday titled, “Tar Dirgha Chhayae”. The legal holiday comforts photographs, paintings, low-pitched soiree, manuscript launch as great as more.

As partial of a festival, an art stay was hold upon Jun nineteen as great as twenty during Sufia Kamal’s chateau in Dhanmondi. Paintings from a seminar have been right away upon arrangement during Bengal Gallery. The featured artists during a muster have been Qayyum Chowdhury, Mustafa Monowar, Syed Jahangir, Hashem Khan, Rafiqun Nabi, Monirul Islam, Mahmudul Haque, Abul Barq Alvi, Shahid Kabir, Sayeeda Kamal, Farida Zaman, Rokeya Sultana, Kanak Chanpa Chakma as great as Iffat Ara Dewan.

The thesis of a artworks is of course Sufia Kamal; highlights have been portraits.

Artists have focused upon Sufia Kamal in assorted ways as great as style: realistic, semi-realistic, abstract, semi-abstract as great as pristine abstract. Participating painters have prisoner her heated eyes as great as courteous mood upon their canvas. Focusing upon her extraordinary as great as comfortable eyes, artists have prisoner a suggestion of Sufia Kamal in her many vehement moments. A series of painters have experimented with a themes of her communication as great as pleasing writings. Artists have worked with opposite mediums as great as techniques similar to oil, acrylic, churned media, as great as others.

Paintings of maestro artists, Quayyum Chowdhury, Syed Jahangir, Hashem Khan, Rafiqun Nabi as great as Monirul Islam bear their personal traits, techniques as great as approaches.

Syed Jahangir, a single of a featured artists during a exhibition, said, “Sufia Kamal was a conspicuous amicable as great as women’s rights activist. But to us, in a informative field, she was a poet, writer, organiser as great as humanist. We recollect her with a deepest love as great as respect.”

“Progress as great as expansion for women is not in distant behind. Rise of militancy as great as fundamentalism is land behind a gait of change. We will have to worth a suggestion of Sufia Kamal to strech a elite destination,” pronounced Kanak Chanpa Chakma.

The legal holiday additionally highlights twenty-three sketches upon tram tickets by Zainul Abedin from Sufia Kamal’s collection.

The doodles underline curves with tellurian sum as great as sensitive sights from a surroundings. Lush greenery, water, light as great as shade, landscapes, underbrush as great as low timberland crop up in a works. The drawings clear Abedin’s personal observations, practice as great as bargain of a society. When a single closely observes Abedin’s sketches, a single perceives a unreal vision. When light as great as shade harmonically combine in a works, it comes in to perspective to clear happiness as great as ecstasy.

The eighteen watercolours by a poet’s daughter Sayeeda Kamal have been additionally displayed during a festival. The artist has a passion for portraying healthy beauty, greenery, fishermen, sailing boats, pale skies, villagers as great as their every day activities. The artist’s elite technique is formed upon well-spoken rinse colours as great as opposite pointed experimentation.

Sayeeda’s functions have been quite picturesque with a hold of both impressionism as great as expressionism. She began her career as a naturist painter. She additionally portrays anniversary changes, balmy landscapes, paddy fields in autumn, lush grained mustard fields in winter, pleasing stormy days, flowers, celebrating collect as great as pale skies.

About 50 photographs by Sajed Kamal, a late poet’s son, have been additionally upon arrangement during a festival. The photographs constraint a little special moments of a producer with her family members, friends as great as admirers.

The muster presents 9 photographs of Sufia Kamal taken by informative celebrity Aly Zaker.

The poet’s domicile articles as great as furniture, together with a bed, dual chairs, a side-table as great as a bookshelf have been upon arrangement during a gallery.

The muster ends today.

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