Indian female MPs criticized for western outfits

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Indian ruling Hindu fundamentalist party BJP has scored a landslide victory in recent general election. But two young female candidate from Trinamool Congress Party, Mimi Chakraborty (30) and Nusrat Jehan (29) has managed to score victory against BJP candidates in their constituencies with huge margin. Both for them are film actress and unlike other Indian female MP’s they are elected at very young age. So they are thinking and doing differently. At their first day at Indian parliament they have taken some photographs of themselves in front of parliament building and posted those on social media; which has sparked outrage in Indian society. People says it’s inappropriate to wear trousers and shirts for a female MP. She must wear decent dress. They are arguing, parliament is not a shooting spot.
Analysts are saying, it’s very unusual to see an Indian lawmaker not wearing sari, this is why Indian men can’t accept the western dress for female MP. Though wearing miniskirt is very common in Indian movie. Many are questioning, when a male MP can wear jeans and t-shirt then why a female MP can’t wear trouser and shirt? People are worried about dress code for female MPs, instead of that they should worry about elected MPs who have criminal charges against them.

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