India's role in Bangladesh's political situation: Rizvi criticized in virtual press briefing

India’s role in Bangladesh’s political situation: Rizvi criticized in virtual press briefing

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He remarked that, although the Indian government considers the people of Bangladesh as its adversaries, the Bangladeshis consider the people of India as their friends.

The BNP leader also talked about China and Russia’s support to the current Awami League government.

He observed that they have traditionally had authoritarian governments. As a result they may support another authoritarian government. But the support of the democratic government of India is regrettable.

Highlighting that the election cannot be participatory without the participation of the BNP and other main opposition parties, the BNP senior joint general secretary said the government tried to divide the BNP in various ways. “But apart from a few greedy people, no one went near them. Those who have participated in this phased election out of greed will get nothing but defamation.

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