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Iran’s first missile test in Indian Ocean.

Dhaka_news_missileBefore the first gulf war Iraq had a strong and well equipped army which was a real threat

to Israel. But Saddam regime is gone and Iraq is no more threat to any one. There is no one

who can challenge Israel. But may be Iran is the country which can get some respect from

Israeli army. Israel is repeatedly threatening to launch air strike in Iran. Iran says it

can fight back. Analysts say perhaps Iran is not capable of doing that.
Iran frequently does missile test to send a message that it has the capability to hit beyond

its border. Is usually does those tests in extensive deserts.
But now Iran says it has done two missile tests in the Indian Ocean in the month of Bahman

(Jan 21-Feb 19). Its range is 1,900 km.  Test in the ocean is very unusual for Iran.

Television showed missile firing, but it was not said that whether it was Ocean test firing

and the picture that missile hitting the target was not shown. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, head of

the Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace division, told this Saturday in a news conference.

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