'It's not over': Iranian Kurds in Iraq in Tehran's crosshairs

‘It’s not over’: Iranian Kurds in Iraq in Tehran’s crosshairs

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The group is tightly organized into a rigid hierarchy and demands that AFP journalists stick closely to an official schedule for travel.

Within the PDKI, “we are free”, said 36-year-old activist Shounem Hamzi, who lives with her parents in Košinjak.

Before the latest attacks, she lived in a PDKI camp about 500 meters (yards) from the citadel, where about 200 families lived in single-storey cinderblock or concrete houses.

However, he added, “The latest attacks have been much stronger than the previous attacks. Children, families were very scared. The fear of being killed is with us now.”

Like the other residents, Hamzi had to leave the camp and now frequently changes sleeping places.

As an Iranian Kurdish woman, she strongly identifies with the protest movement that shook Iran.

“If the regime asks us to stop even temporarily, the protest will come to the fore again, because it is in our hearts,” she said passionately.

“Protesters will never follow the rules of the regime.”

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