Japan's moon lander enters moon's orbit

Japan’s moon lander enters moon’s orbit

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Compared to previous probes that landed “a few or more than 10 kilometers” from the target, SLIM’s reported margin of error of less than 100 meters suggests a level of accuracy that was once thought impossible, 20 of the researchers said. Thanks to the culmination of years of effort, according to JAXA.

As technology advances, demand for pinpointing targets such as craters and rocks on the moon’s surface is increasing, JAXA SLIM project manager Shinichiro Sakai told reporters this month.

“Gone are the days when the only thing desired was to discover ‘somewhere on the moon,'” he said.

Sakai said hopes are also high that SLIM’s accuracy will make it easier to sample lunar permafrost, bringing scientists closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding water resources on the Moon.

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