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JSC exams results this month

The formula of Primary Education Terminal Examination will be published upon Dec 27, as good as a first-ever Junior School Certificate (JSC) as good as Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exams upon Dec 31.

Officials of preparation play as good as initial preparation directorate pronounced they have finished preparations to tell a formula of a dual largest open exams by this month to capacitate students to attend classes of a subsequent tutorial year upon time.

The depot exams began upon Nov twenty-three as good as finished upon Nov 29. Nearly 24,88,148 class-V students from schools as good as madrasas got purebred for a exams.

Of them, a small 21,57,317 were from initial schools as good as 3,31,448 from madrasas.

Wishing anonymity, an central during a initial as good as mass preparation method pronounced a method will reason a steering assembly upon a hearing upon Dec twenty-six as good as a formula will be published a subsequent day.

However, a formula competence be published a day after in box Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is not accessible to rigourously embrace a duplicate of a results, pronounced a official.

The formula of JSC as good as JDC exams will be published upon Dec 31, pronounced an central during a Dhaka Education Board.

The supervision will reason Textbook Festival upon Jan 1 as good as a budding apportion is approaching to establish a text placement programme upon Dec 30.

The JSC as good as JDC exams proposed upon Nov 4. Some 15,05,391 class-VIII students from 27,221 tutorial institutions sat for a exams. Of them, 12,33,391 were from 8 preparation play as good as 2,72,000 from a madrasa preparation board.

Education house officials had difficulties in evaluating a answer sheets as good as scheming a formula in usually a month due to prerequisite of manpower, pronounced a official.

The examinees of depot exams would be evaluated underneath a multiplication complement whilst those of JSC as good as JDC exams underneath a grading system.

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