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Lady Gaga performs in Clinton’s birthday concert

Birthday boy former USA president Bill Clinton was amazed by lady gaga as he saw her performing in his 65th birthday concert. Her song and the lyrics of the song have not only astonished Clinton but also Chelsea and Hilary including all the audience of that concert. Gaga modified her all famous songs for this occasion. Her costumes were also different. She tried to mimic Marilyn Monroe’s get up that she took in John F Kennedy’s birthday party in 1962. She wore a blonde wig. She presented a “Marilyn moment” to the former commander-in-chief on his birthday. He said, “How cool is it to be 65 and you getting Lady Gaga?
Former President Bill Clinton celebrated his 65th birthday at the Hollywood bowl in Saturday. It was also the anniversary of his non-profit foundation. He celebrated this past weekend with a three-day all-star Hollywood party, even though his birthday is August 19. The name of the concert was “The Decade of the Difference”. Gaga’s presence in the stage was really eye-catching. Appearing on the stage Gaga wished Bill Clinton and started singing his favorite song “you & I”. But she changed the lyrics of the song a little bit for Clinton by adding “Hillary, you & I”. Additionally, Hillary and Clinton both started to sang with her when she accented “Hillary” as “Billary”.
After that Lady Gaga started her most popular song “born this way”. Here she also changed the song and sing it like “Clinton was born this day”. She turned her song “bad romance” to “Bill romance”. Her songs also made dance some celebrity guests too, including Aston, Stevie Wonder, Bono and so many others celebrities.
Clinton expressed his emotion on the stage with Gaga like this, “maybe I am the only luckiest  person in the earth who can enjoy in his birthday with so many important persons including Lady Gaga, when he is not a part of the government”. Other star performers at the “Decade of a Difference” concert were Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney, Usher, and Bono and The Edge.

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