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Local brand Walton to produce ventilator

Present Covid 19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has brought unprecedented challenge for human civilization. Almost every countries around the globe are affected by this pandemic. More than eight lac people around the world are already infected, more that forty thousand are already dead. Experts fear that many more are going to be infected soon and many of them will die.
As Covid 19 is a viral disease, there is no cure and till date no vaccine is available. The only thing we can do is to rely on our immune system, so that it can fight against this new virus. In fact most of the patients are recovering. But some are not. They develop breathing problem and need ventilation support so that their immune system can get more time to fight against this virus.
Ventilator is a machine which can support lung, it can provide pressurized oxygen. It can also control temperature and humidity of provided oxygen mixture. The problem is too much oxygen can be toxic and patient may die. Too much pressure can also damage lungs. So ventilator is a delicate machine and needs careful control system. Currently only few companies in the world are manufacturing ventilators.
But it has become a vital lifesaving machine in the war against coronavirus pandemic. Even developed countries are facing shortage of ventilators. US government are pressing car manufacturers to produce ventilators.
In Bangladesh popular brand Walton has joined in this lifesaving effort. They have announced that they will be able to produce ventilators in the first week of April. World famous medical equipment manufacturer Medtronic is helping Walton to produce ventilators.
Like many other countries around the world, Bangladesh is also under virtually lockdown. But More than fifty engineers are working in Walton factory to produce many other necessary equipments like oxygen concentrator and UV disinfectant.

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