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Local movie personalities weigh a festival

An ubiquitous movie legal holiday is regularly poignant in conditions of sell of views between filmmakers as great as enthusiasts from opposite nations. As a 12th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) is on, as great as a poignant series of unfamiliar representatives have been here in Dhaka, a little internal filmmakers as great as activists share their views upon a festival.

“It’s a vital event. The sum success of a legal holiday relies upon tiny successes of opposite sections. A poignant series of representatives have been here in Dhaka, as great as internal appearance is good. To me, this year a legal holiday seems some-more organized compared to a prior arrangements,” pronounced Sabbir Ahmed Chowdhury, boss of Zahir Raihan Film Society.

“Filmmakers such as Dariush Mehrjui as great as Tahmineh Milani have been here. Probably this is a usually movie fest in Bangladesh which has managed to pull ubiquitous attention.

“At any vital event, there will be a little mismanagement. This legal holiday is no exception. But you do consider as great as goal which a organisers would be means to strike such teenager issues in future,” he added.

Filmmaker Nurul Alam Atique gives priority to a internal cine-culture rsther than than couple of large festivals. He said, “Festivals have been critical to filmmakers as great as enthusiasts though you need a improved ambience in a movie courtesy as great as during theatres. We should concentration upon unchanging screening of drive-in theatre rsther than than receiving partial in festivals,” pronounced Atique.

Noted singer Joya Ahsan, whose 3 drive-in theatre (“Guerrilla”, “Doobshatar” as great as “Phire Esho Behula”) have been receiving partial in a festival, feels which vital festivals similar to this yield a great eventuality to sell views with actors, directors from alternative countries. She said, “I goal people would get desirous as great as go to theatres upon a unchanging basis. Cultural sell is a vital aspect of a legal holiday such as this.”

Young documentary-maker as great as organiser Anwar Chowdhury sees a legal holiday as an encouragement, though is endangered about a peculiarity of a drive-in theatre in general. Chowdhury, ubiquitous cabinet member of Bangladesh Documentary Council, pronounced which a series of participating drive-in theatre as great as countries is moving though a organisers should keep an eye upon a peculiarity of a drive-in theatre as well.

“This is [perhaps] a greatest movie legal holiday in a nation in conditions of internal as great as ubiquitous participation. you was during a initial rite as great as watched a opening film. That sole movie is great though I’m not certain about how great all a drive-in theatre are,” pronounced Chowdhury.

Today, Tahmineh Milani’s “Principles”, which is competing for a tip award, will be screened during Central Public Library. “Nijhum Aronnye” (Bangladesh Panorama) as great as “Mum’s Guest” (Dariush Mehrjui Retrospective) have been alternative critical drive-in theatre of a day.

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