Malaysian Drug Makers In High Gear To Expand Market Base In Bangladesh

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Malaysia wants Bangladesh to recognize the general drug to assistance progress the curative exports as Malaysian drug makers have been upon tall rigging to enhance their marketplace base.

“We wish to register the drug in Bangladesh. We purebred their drug in Malaysia, so we wish them to reciprocate, so we can sell the general drug in Bangladesh.

“Lot of Malaysian curative companies have been peaceful to enhance as well as it will beget some-more income for Malaysia,” Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai told Bernama after his revisit to Dhaka.

Malaysia’s general drug marketplace is right away valued about RM2 billion as well as approaching to grow during fourteen per cent annually, mostly fuelled by direct from flourishing economy, revoke price tag for drug exports as well as ageing population.

There have been over 300 protected drug makers in the country.

Bangladesh as well as Malaysia additionally concluded to open latest perspective in the illness zone — earnest to work together in precision nurses, sell of doctors as well as foster illness tourism.

Liow, who was in Dhaka this week, met his reflection as well as both ministers concluded to daub resources from any alternative to rise the healing zone in their particular countries.

“We discussed bringing Bangladeshi specialists to Malaysia. We have sufficient doctors though (are) reduced of specialists, many of the districts hospitals have been though specialists.

“I need to pierce behind about 200 specialists from abroad this year, we have oral to India, Bangladesh as well as Egypt,” he added.

The Bangladesh Government has additionally requested Malaysia to sight their nurses by environment up the precision centre in Dhaka, as the proletariat nation faces the necessity of nurses.

Last Thursday, Liow was in Dhaka to launch the Malaysia Health care Seminar as well as Exhibition 2011, where the dozen top-notch Malaysian healthcare providers participated.

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