Malaysian labour market: Wrong decisions by government harm Bangladeshis

Malaysian labour market: Wrong decisions by government harm Bangladeshis

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Though recruitment was stopped several times due to 'syndicate' in Malaysia, the concerned government bodies did not wake up. The last date for sending migrant workers to Malaysia was May 31. Despite getting visas and appointment letters, several thousand Bangladeshi workers failed to go to Malaysia.

According to reports, recruitment agencies from Bangladesh and Malaysia have cheated workers. Earlier, the country's labour market has been closed in 2009, 2016 and 2018. It is a matter of shame for us that Malaysia's labour market has been closed four times. In this process of closing and opening, young people who take loans to sell property or go abroad are cheated and illegal syndicates benefit.

Although Bangladesh has not taken any action, the United Nations and the European Union have expressed concern over the plight of Bangladeshi workers. It is the responsibility of the host country to ensure minimum basic rights and dignity of the workers. There are doubts on how much Malaysia has fulfilled these responsibilities. But Bangladesh also has some responsibilities to prevent human rights violations. The government can at least discuss this issue with the host countries.

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