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Masked attacks in Natore: Law enforcement response and deterioration of law and order

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Nator was once a haven for extremists and terrorist groups were deployed to curb their activities during the BNP government. During that time, many persons from this district faced torture at the hands of these militants. After the BNP lost power, militant activities subsided and the general public enjoyed an environment of peace and security.

However, recent attacks on opposition leaders-activists raise questions. It is very important to investigate who is behind these attacks. On analyzing the incidents, a pattern emerges where the victims of each attack are consistently linked to the BNP or the Jamaat. This is in stark contrast to the situation during the BNP regime when Awami League and Left party leaders were the primary targets.

In the BNP era, leaders and workers of the then ruling party were implicated in attacks carried out by terrorist groups, with law enforcement officials allegedly supporting the attackers in various ways. Now the real question is who is providing protection to the current masked attackers?

Despite a series of attacks on opposition leaders and activists, only two cases have been officially registered, both filed by victims of the attacks. No arrests have been made in connection with these incidents, and there has been no apparent police action to deal with the situation.

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