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Men should shift attitude

We mostly listen to of housewives being tortured or killed by their husbands. Mostly, these occur for bridal gift or for objecting husbands’ extramarital affairs. Wives have been murdered by strangulation or with pointy weapons as great as infrequently they have been doused with kerosene or motor fuel as great as set upon fire. Recently Rumana Manzur, an partner highbrow of Dhaka University, became the plant of her husband’s possessiveness as great as her eyes were severely injured. We urge which she might recover her eyesight.

Husbands have been means to do monstrous things given they have been physically strong, as great as only in the integrate of cases, they consequence some-more than their wives as great as most wives only rely upon their husbands. Males have been stronger as great as they have been ostensible to take caring of females yet most the time they operate their strength in violent ways. We do not know if this perspective of group will ever shift as great as women will get the due respect, adore as great as affability they have been entitled to.

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