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Mobile phone camera, a tool for pornography. Part-II

When a knife is in the hand of a doctor that is life saving, when it is in the hand of a criminal it is life threatening. Camera is like a knife which is an essential tool for journalism; it also keeps memorable moments in frame. Today many cheaper mobile phone sets have camera which is considered as a nice extra facility. But in recent days cameras have been widely used to harass women, it became a tool to produce porn videos. In this three part series I tried to look on this burning issue.


Almost every thing has merits and demerits camera is also not an exception. Many people take their intimate moments in their camera or in their mobile phone camera. As digital data is easy to copy, if they lost their camera or mobile phone or only lost memory card of that device, that may go to a wrong hand, and that may be distributed over the internet, or those may be marketed as CDs.

As camera phone is cheaper than any time before, many spoiled teenage or youth have camera mobile phone now. They take photos and shoot videos everywhere when they want. Only in this month there were at least 20 reports in the media that girls or women were raped and shot in the camera by the rapists or cheated in the guise of love, their intimate videos were used to blackmail them. Those culprits demanded money, when money was not given they marketed those videos and uploaded on the internet. Many of the girls and women committed suicide.

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