Nearly seventy thousand labors may be sent from Maldives

indexThere is unconfirmed report that the immigration department of Maldives has directed some seventy thousand Bangladeshi workers to go back if they want.

Many of those workers are living in very inhuman conditions. Many have gone there by visa forgery and some has become undocumented due to some faults in papers.

Some recruiting agencies are taking one and half to two lakh taka to send a worker to Maldives. But they are not arranging jobs. So the workers hunt for job there and failing to find suitable job. They are receiving maximum one hundred and fifty US dollar which is equivalent to thirteen to fifteen thousand Bangladeshi taka.

Hence Bangladeshi immigrants have become the largest immigrant community there. Poor salary is not the only problem there. Many especially women workers are exploited.

In this situation immigration department of Maldives has given the opportunity to leave at own cost. An unconfirmed report claims that Bangladeshi authority is not giving clearance to any more unskilled labors for Maldives.

As Bangladesh heavily relies on remittance, this trend may be an alarming sign.

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