Non tariff barriers in Saudi market for Bangladesh made products

TradeSometimes tariff is used to block specific product in a market. But in today’s global world blocking a specific product by tariff is no acceptable. This is why sometimes non tariff barriers are used.

It’s a kind of technique used to prevent market access. Sometimes those are intentionally placed and sometimes those are by default. In a situation like this intense trade negotiation is required.

Some Bangladeshi exporters are complaining that they are facing non tariff barriers in Saudi market. Non tariff barrier for Bangladeshi products in Indian market is a common phenomenon. But complain on Saudi market is not common.

Bangladeshi exporters are saying that Saudi authority is changing required product standard so frequently. In some cases Saudi authority refused nutritional fact description on food item label which were given by following United States Food and Drugs Administration standard.

Different Saudi ports are following different standards. A request to remove non tariff barriers was made from joint economic commission meeting last year.

Bangladeshi readymade made garments and pharmaceutical product exporters are also facing difficulty in Saudi market.

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