Only three advisors of PM submitted their resignations!

Only three advisors of PM submitted their resignations!

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Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar went to his office at the Secretariat on Monday, a day after submitting his resignation letter. He answered various questions of the journalists there.

Mustafa Jabbar said, the resignation is not effective until it is accepted.
Citing the example of the 2018 elections, the minister said, “I submitted my resignation on November 6 and it became effective on December 6 or 7 that year.”

Mustafa Jabbar said that he will continue working until his resignation is accepted. He also said that on Monday morning he disposed of six files.

On 15 November, the Election Commission announced the schedule of the 12th National Parliament elections. Four days later, on 19 November, the technocrat ministers submitted their resignations.

Apart from the Prime Minister, the cabinet consists of 25 ministers, 19 ministers of state and three deputy ministers. The number of cabinet members including the Prime Minister is 48. The number came down to 45 with the resignation of three.

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