OpenAI releases text-to-video tool Sora

OpenAI releases text-to-video tool Sora

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The examples of Sora-produced clips on OpenAI’s website vary widely in style and subject matter, ranging from seemingly surreal drone footage above a crowded market to an animated bunny-like creature hopping in a forest.

Thomas Belanger, founder and art director of Cutback Productions, has been closely following the evolution of generative AI image generation.

“There were those who felt it was an unstoppable plain that was advancing at an astonishing rate, and those who didn’t want to see it,” said Belanger, whose France-based company has funded such tours extensively. The visual effects were created by composers such as Storme and Justice.

He said the development of generic AI has “generated a lot of debate internally” at the company and “sometimes a lot of sharp reactions”.

Belanger said that Sora has not been released yet, so its capabilities have yet to be tested by the public.

“It’s certain that no one expected such a technological leap in just a few weeks,” Belanger said. “This is unheard of.”

He said that no matter what the future holds, they will “find ways to create differently”.

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