Our world is running out of Chocolate?

chocolateIt’s a real bad news for chocolate lovers. Our world is running out of chocolate. Experts predict that after 2020 chocolate companies will not have coco supply, which is the main ingredient of chocolate.

Demand of chocolate is increasing day by day. But supply is shrinking. Farmers are not interested in coco farming. They say chocolate companies are not paying enough. Coco is a delicate plant, it is not possible to cultivate coco plant in every part of the world. Certain type of climate is essential for coco farming.

In fact our planet is not capable to meet the present demand. Demand has increased more in Asia than Europe in recent years. Chocolate companies are going to miss the lucrative market. We will need another earthlike planet to meet present demand, say experts.

So chocolate is going to be more precious item in future, and after seven years it will go beyond the reach of general people. Chocolate companies are already adding much less coco powder in their chocolates than before. They are using ingredient like nuts.

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