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Pandemic has doubled laptop computer selling in Bangladesh

Dealers of Dell, ASUS, and many other foreign brands have said, the present coronavirus pandemic has doubled laptop computer selling. Local brand Walton has also reported a hike in laptop selling. Another foreign brand HP representative has reported that in recent months their selling was three times higher than normal. Software giant Microsoft has also reported a hike in Windows operating system activation from Bangladesh.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many families owned only one laptop computer. But in recent months many offices have decided to go for ‘work from home’ policy. Many parents have bought separate laptop computers for their children so that they can attend online classes and prepare homework. Computer sellers have mentioned, many families those who didn’t have any laptop computer are now buying one or more to adapt with the ‘new normal’.

This pandemic has become a blessing for computer sellers. Sellers from various computer markets in the capital including BCS computer city and Multiplan center have reported that they are not getting supply as per order, even air shipment is failing to cope with the demand. Production and supply from China where the COVID-19 pandemic was originated are getting normal gradually.

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