Passengers gets frustrating in EID time

Thousands of people who left the capital city on Friday to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in the countryside suffered long delays on the way due to traffic congestions, witnesses said.
There was an unusual rush of home-bound people keen to celebrate the festival with their near ones in the countryside on November 17, they said.
They reported that it took much longer than usual for people to reach their destinations with the traffic frequently coming to a standstill due to unusual congestions. Accidents caused by reckless driving often aggravated the problem.
People remained trapped in traffic jams for hours together as there was no way for them to make a detour.
Highway accidents were an extra cause of delay, they said.
Transport operators blamed traffic mismanagement for the congestions causing the delays on all the routes.
At least three highway accidents on the Dhaka-Tangail route created a serious congestion from Chandra to Elenga since early hours of Friday holding up the traffic for hours together, reported New Age correspondent at Tangail.
Witnesses said a truck, trying to overtake, hit another near the Kaliakair Bridge on Thursday morning and blocked the highway for hours until the vehicles were towed away.
A Dhaka-bound truck, carrying cattle, turned turtle hit by a covered-van from the rear on the same highway near Kumarjani in Mirzapur upazila Thursday morning about 90 minutes later.


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