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In a media, a little onslaught via their career to strech their preferred goal, whilst others find a fairytale tour available them. For Sohana Saba it is really a latter, as a gifted artist began her career with dancing yet over a years has managed to concrete a niche for herself as an actor.

Sohana has taken upon a plea of conflicting purposes as great as worked to her value to turn a learned performer. Her purpose in a sequence “Poush Phaguner Pala” is a ultimate in her repertoire of acclaim. The purpose of Promila has been distinguished since a serial’s conceiving physically as great as will go upon to fool around a widespread partial compartment a conclusion. Sohana says she enjoyed personification a purpose of a bride who crosses over a limit with her husband.

Those proficient with a sequence “Manobjomin”, have additionally seen Sohana exhibit an additional facet of herself in a purpose of Mithila. About a character, who was creatively declared Monidipa in a novel which a sequence was blending from, Sohana says which Mithila is a celebrity with childish tendencies. As a story develops, a guileless Mithila evolves in to a grown up personality. Sohana adds which she has blended herself in to a purpose during a dual years she has played a character.

Apart from serials, Sohana is additionally bustling you do single-episode-TV plays such as “Ondho Tirondaj” as great as “’Eka”, whilst BTV is airing “Shorol Satya”.

The singer has additionally completed success with her performances upon a china screen. The organisation balance which she dynamic with her entrance in “Aaina” has usually been strengthened with uninterrupted successes in “Khelaghor” as great as “Chandra Grohon”. But Sohana says this is not a end, she is still fervent to fool around some-more severe roles.

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