PM Hasina to gradually come out of subsidy trend

PM Hasina to gradually come out of subsidy trend

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“We have to come out of the trend of subsidies in phases and this is the main message,” he said, adding that such a system would be developed on the lines of developed countries.

The Planning Minister said the Prime Minister once again stressed the need to create a dedicated fund by collecting toll for long-term maintenance of roads and highways across the country.

Sheikh Hasina also underlined the need for low lying areas on both sides of the highways so that rain water from roads and highways can be drained into those areas and thus the highways are not damaged.

Mannan said that the Prime Minister also asked the concerned officials to take special care that the ongoing or future multi-storey buildings in the capital should not create air funnels in the path of air traffic.

When asked if the government was worried about the ongoing blockade by the BNP, the Planning Minister said, “We are not at all worried, while there is no question of fear because we are living in our motherland.”

He said that the PM has emphasized on giving wide publicity among the common people about the benefits of the Universal Pension Scheme so that they can avail its benefits in large numbers.

Mannan said that in the meeting the Prime Minister mentioned her strong voice on the role of women in Islam and also condemned Israel’s barbaric attacks on innocent women and children of Palestine in her recently concluded visit to Saudi Arabia.

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