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Politicization is Destroying Dhaka College.

Dhaka College is one of the earliest educational institutes in this region which was established even before Dhaka University. Once it was also considered as a prestigious institution, many of our intellectuals are from this college. But those glorious days are gone.

In terms of HSC result this college the falling behind. Last year this college got 10th position among the institutions of Dhaka Education Board, this year it secured 18th position which clearly indicating fall.

Though this college is best known for its HSC course under education board, but it also offers four year honours course and one year masters course in affiliation with National University. Is has several thousand students many of them are involved in politics and this involvement in politics is destroying the academic environment of the college.

Some educationists arguing that now students do not like to concentrate on study, they spend their time in politics, extortion in the adjacent shopping malls, moreover many of them often engage themselves in violent criminal activities.

Educationists are also blaming political interference for this situation. They say, student’s admission process are not fair all the time so in many cases brightest students are deprived moreover less qualified teachers are appointed and posted under political consideration.

Many teachers remain absent in classes frequently. This college lacks accountability; teachers and students attendance is not satisfactory.

Dhaka University was established in 1921 but this Dhaka College was established in 1841. In 1835 Dr. James Taylor then Civil Surgeon at Dhaka established an English School, this school got college status at 1841, after several shifting from old Dhaka Victoria park, Curzon Hall, Present High court building , this college was finally shifted to present campus near Dhaka new market.

Present huge campus enjoys government subsidy but this degradable situation means wastage of taxpayer’s money.

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