Pop Guru still in danger

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The condition of cocktail fable as great as leisure warrior Azam Khan, who is upon hold up await in city’s Square Hospital, remained unvaried yesterday.

A seven-member healing house is looking after him.

They pronounced yesterday afternoon which Azam is still not out of danger.

Oncologist Dr Quamruzzaman Chowdhury, who is supervising a diagnosis of a cocktail guru told The Daily Star which he is not comatose during a moment.

“He can promulgate somewhat by signs. Yesterday he asked his kin to mislay a red blood vessel set in his mouth with a ventilator await by creation palm gestures. His red blood vigour is underneath carry out right divided with remedy yet his illness condition stays unchanged.”

He has mixed illness complexities, Dr Quamruzzaman added.

Azam Khan was certified to a sanatorium upon May twenty-two with serious pang in his hands as great as shoulder.

The 62-year-old thespian underwent diagnosis during Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in mid-July last year. He is pang from cancer.

AZM Zahid Hossain, BNP chairperson’s confidant as great as DAB’s ubiquitous cabinet part of yesterday voiced a celebration as great as a front organisation’s magnetism with a bum singer’s family as great as prayed for his fast recovery.

Meanwhile, great wishers as great as fans of a mythological thespian swarming a Square Hospital premises in a city via yesterday to find out some-more about a idealisation condition of a singer.


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