Power import uncertain

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Importing 250 megawatts of appetite from India from late subsequent year stays capricious as Delhi is not responding to Dhaka’s ask for a lowest probable appetite tariff.

India is charity a appetite price tag of Tk 6-8 per kilowatt hour or a unit, whilst Bangladesh is looking a price reduction than Tk 5.25 per unit. This price includes appetite tariff, delivery as great as alternative costs, pronounced a well-placed Power Development Board (PDB) source.

Delhi’s due price tag is homogeneous to appetite price sought by complicated fuel oil-based let appetite plants, creation it homely for Dhaka.

Besides, a Indian prove additionally depends upon a vetting of a West Bengal government. The ultimate non-cooperation of a West Bengal supervision over a Teesta water  pity covenant has finished people puzzled about a cheaper offer.

Indian National Thermal Power Company (NTPC) as great as Bangladesh’s PDB were ostensible to pointer a appetite squeeze agreement (PPA) in Mar this year. Till date it has not been sealed due to disproportion of opinions over price tag as great as alternative issues.

As a dual countries have not sealed a PPA, a Asian Development Bank (ADB) has put upon reason a value of a authorized loan.

But Bangladesh has duration sealed deals value $142 million with dual unfamiliar appetite companies to set up a appetite grid as great as a appetite acclimatisation hire during Bheramara. A vast shred of this income will be given by a ADB which sealed a $ 100 million loan bargain with a supervision final year.

As a ADB dangling loan disbursement, a Power Grid Company Bangladesh (PGCB) had from a own account finished twenty percent allege remuneration to a dual companies– Cobra SA as great as Siemens Germany– to beginner a project.

Explaining a appetite price tag issue, a tip PDB executive pronounced as per a bargain in in between a dual governments, Delhi would yield Dhaka a cheapest probable power. India’s appetite price tag is aloft than which of Bangladesh in general.

Power price tag in India is opposite during opposite appetite plants. Some have been bad as great as a tiny have been dear for all clients, solely a executive supervision which gets a lowest tariff.

To give Dhaka an additional benefit, Delhi had concluded to supply appetite underneath a executive government’s quota. But even which rate can change from appetite stations to appetite stations. India has already offering price tag from a tiny West Bengal appetite plants, whilst Bangladesh pronounced there have been a tiny plants which sell appetite during still reduce rate.

“But it is not usually about removing appetite during low rate. We have a prolonged tenure prophesy of interconnectivity with a neighbours. This kind of team-work would safeguard a informal appetite confidence in a prolonged term,” pronounced a tall official.

“Unfortunately, it seems India does not share a same vision. They have been some-more penetrating to safeguard their commercial operation seductiveness first. This is given a signing of a PPA stays uncertain,” he added.

The executive forked out which Bangladesh was ready to pointer a bargain any day if India offering an excusable tariff.

Project background

The pierce to import appetite from India was instituted in Jan 2010 when a dual countries sealed a chit of understanding. To import power, a 125 km delivery line has to be assembled in in between Behrampur in India as great as Bheramara in Bangladesh. Of this, 40 km would be inside of Bangladesh.

The delivery systems of India as great as Bangladesh, which have been shaped upon 400 kV swap stream (AC) as great as 230 kV AC respectively, have been due to be synchronised by installing a back-to-back tall voltage approach stream (HVDC) link. The line will have an primary send genius of 500 MW, which will after be lifted to 1,000 MW.

Early final year, a PGCB invited a proposal for installing a thirty km, 400 kV line for Ishurdi-Khulna double-circuit (D/C) delivery line during Bheramara. It floated an additional proposal to implement a 500 MW back-to-back HVDC complement during Bheramara .

In Jul final year, a PDB sealed a 35-year appetite delivery agreement with Power Grid Company of India Limited (PGCIL) to import 250 MW of electricity. Under a agreement, a appetite as great as delivery price tag a PDB will compensate to a Indian reflection will be upon a monthly basis, as great as it will be dynamic by India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC).

In Oct final year, Bangladesh supervision as great as a ADB sealed a $100 million loan bargain for interconnection.

In Feb this year, a PGCB awarded a $ 14.5 m stipulate to Spanish association Cobra SA for constructing a Bangladesh shred of a line. The bargain requires Cobra to finish a double-circuit beyond line by 2012. And in Apr this year, Siemens Germany was awarded a $128 million stipulate to set up a converter hire during Bheramara which will modify 400 kV tall voltage appetite from India to 230 kV voltage for things oneself in to Bangladesh’s existent grid. Siemens is compulsory to finish a stipulate inside of dual years.

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