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Private universities must setup CCTVs in their campuses

CCTVDrug addiction has increased alarmingly in recent years. Drugs are entering the country from neighboring countries. They are not taking required steps to stop drug factories in their territory. Especially Yaba has been a concern. It’s relatively expensive drug and popular among the young, especially among the rich section of the society.

Many media and organizations have been reporting that private universities are becoming a spot for Yaba trade. Many private university students are now Yaba addict. Many addict students have started yaba trade and trying to convince his/her classmates to take yaba. By doing this they are collecting money for their own.

The education minister Nurul Islam Nahid has said that his ministry has ordered all seventy one private universities to setup close circuit cameras in their campuses to save students. The universities are also asked to form committees for student counseling.

Presently there are four lakh students in seventy one private universities. A study by ICDDRB says, more than sixty percent drug addicts of the country are unmarried and more than fifty percent of the drug addicts are either students or unemployed. Several private university authorities have admitted that they have received the recent directive by the education ministry.

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